Mr. Ognyan Naydenov was born on March 31, 1962 in the town of Pleven. He finished High School of Mathematics with full honors. He studied for his higher education at "Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University, specialty "Mathematics and Informatics". He was the Director of an orphanage. He worked as an instructor, as well as an expert for the special schools at the Regional Inspectorate of Education in Pleven. He is also the holder of a second diploma of specialization in pedagogical sciences, later specialized in the production of non-alcoholic beverages, specialty production of boza. He has been working for "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative since 1996 for three years as Executive Director, for a third mandate, he is the Chairperson of the Cooperative.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, present and future partners and clients,

"Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative marketed a really high-quality product. Guarantee for this are the continuous audits, carried out in the enterprise. For the year 2005 only, we were inspected five times by the English firm "Lloyds Register", whose conclusions are that we produce boza of European quality. Seven audits were performed by state and municipal institutions, whereat, the findings of each of them were positive. The very fact that the Managerial Body of the Regional Inspectorate of Environmental Protection and Public Health Pleven, were interested to demonstrate the boza brewery of "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative before representatives of the European Commission as an example of a model production is a fact, which speaks for itself. For the production of a high-quality product indisputably of great importance is the fact that the best specialists work at the workshop.

"Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative is one of the few boza breweries, which brew the boza using industrial steam a fact which also contributes to the better quality. The wide variety of the assortment is very attractive to our clients. We offer on the market pure, chocolate and creamy boza, while the latter is our idea and is being produced according to a special recipe. At the moment, we are developing other kinds of this drink.

Thanks to our flexibility and adaptability to the market reality, we manage to develop successfully and to strengthen the position of the boza of the brand Źdravets". We guarantee to our partners correct trade relationships. We have a simple and clear procedure for retreating from the market in case of an eventual problem, which has never occurred so far. The Cooperative has a capacity, which allows for the increased demand from Bulgarian and foreign firms to be adequately met.