"Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative was registered at Pleven District Court by Decision № 3126 of 08.12.1993, in compliance with the Cooperatives Act. The initial number of the cooperators was 36, subsequently, it increased to 107; nowadays, the co-operators are 77. The subject of business activity of "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative is the production and wholesale and retail on the domestic market and abroad of non-alcoholic beverages, mineral waters and all kinds of raw materials, materials, wrapping, packaging, machines and equipment, spare parts and other materials, related to the principal business activity, scientific research, design and construction, as well as engineering activities here and abroad, regarding the production of non-alcoholic beverages; trade with industrial and food commodities; public catering and tourism; savings and crediting activities of the members of the cooperative. "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative owns the following real estates: 18 "Georgi Kochev" Blvd. a restaurant and an administrative building, 2 garage cells, a warehouse (4 cells), a service utilities building 30 820 sq. m. built-up area; at 15 "Vit" Street 4 240 sq. m. land, a production building, a massive building, a temporary storehouse, a service utilities building, a shed.