The Constituent meeting of "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative was held on 29.11.1990. By Decision of Pleven District Court, dated 23.01.1991, the Co-operative was entered in the Register of Cooperatives. Due to flaws in the registration, the Supreme Administrative Court rescinded that Decision and, consequently, a new registration was made, dated 08.12.1993. In the interim, on 06.11.1990, the Central Cooperative Union (CCU) made a decision to transfer its assets from the Plant for Non-alcoholic Beverages Production in Pleven to "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative, in accordance with Decree № 56. Without terminating the activities of the plant, with the same assets, the Cooperative, in collaboration with "Klarina Holding" and The Central Cooperative Union, established in 1992 "Pleven Bottling Company" LTD. Thus, the three partners create the new plant of "Coca-Cola" in Pleven, whereat, the share of the company was 36%, and consequently, due to increase of the capital, was decreased to 30%.

Until 1995, the business activity was limited only to the company frames, i.e. the production of the "Coca-Cola" products. In that year, though, a separate business activity commenced, whereupon, a storage base was rented and distribution of beer and non-alcoholic beverages was carried out. In 1996, a property was bought from the Municipality of Pleven at 15 "Vit" Street and a development of the base was initiated a workshop for production of boza (millet-ale) was built, as well as a restaurant, three shops, a workshop for production of pastry and takeaway snacks, a wholesale warehouse for building materials, a warehouse for trade with glassware. On the territory of the Municipality, two grocery shops were rented, two restaurants and two school cafeterias. 

In the year 2000, by decision of the General Assembly, for the purpose of directing the efforts to the production, most of the outlets were vacated and those owned were lent. At the moment, the direct business activity is related to the production of boza.

14 people are employed by the Cooperative. Throughout all the years of the activity of "Pleven-Bottling Company" LTD. about 40% of the profit was distributed as dividends among the partners. At the end of year 2002, according to the Constituent Contract, the partnership was transformed into a joint stock company (new partners and capitals join in), by means of which, a national company of "Coca-Cola" was established under the name of "Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Bulgaria" JSC. Due to a failure to guarantee the interests of the Cooperative in the new Company, the General Assembly makes a decision to sell the shares held. The transaction took place on 17.04.2003. The funds received are invested by the Cooperative in modernization of the boza workshop, transport vehicles and dividends distributed among the Cooperative members. The objective which was set up was the Cooperative to remain the sole regional producer of boza, licensed in accordance with the European standards. "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative has a registration by the Ministry of the Economy and has patented its own trade mark. At the moment, laboratory tests are being made of the product in Italy, for a consequent export to Italy, Spain and Turkey. The market share of "Zdravets" Crafts' Cooperative in Pleven region is about 65%.